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Types of Human Hair

What is Raw Human Hair?
Raw Hair is unprocessed hair cut directly from one donor and then washed multiple times. One bundle comes from one donor. It has a natural luster and may even have split ends. Raw hair is human hair in its purest form.

What is Virgin Human Hair?
Virgin Hair is unprocessed hair that comes from multiple donors and then washed multiple times. One bundle comes from multiple donors. How do we find people with the exact same curl pattern? We don't, to achieve a consistent curl pattern from multiple donors, our hair is steamed with water.  This is the best way to achieve a  consistent curl pattern while also maintaining the hair's virginity.

What is Remy Human Hair?
Remy hair is processed hair that comes from multiple donors. After it is washed, it goes through a chemical process to achieve its consistent texture (straight, wavy, curly, kinky, etc.) Steamed hair is not considered Remy because only water is used, not chemicals.

How long will my hair last?
With proper care, BerrySleek bundles can last for 1-3 years. 

How to maintain Raw Indian Hair?
Raw Indian hair is best maintained by washing and conditioning every 2 weeks. Detangle with denman brush only when wet. Apply a leave in conditioner for daily wet styles. Blow dry/diffuse on medium heat. Maximum heat of 425°F when using hot tools to avoid heat damage to waves/curls. 

How to maintain Virgin Human Hair?
Virgin Human Hair is best maintained by washing and conditioning every 2 weeks. Hair can handle heat up to 450°F.

How to maintain Remy Human Hair?
Remy Human Hair is best maintained by washing and conditioning every two weeks. A silicon or deep conditioning treatment is recommended to revive bundles after wear. Hair can handle heat up to 450°

How to maintain a weave install?
Once your weave is installed, moisturize your scalp with oil/conditioning grease. Use a stretch weaving net to maintain braided foundation. Wash and tighten weave every 2-3 weeks. Avoid keeping weave installs longer than 2 months; your scalp needs time for thorough cleaning and nourishment.

How long will my lace last?
Lace is delicate, therefore, it requires gentle maintenance. Avoid using hard bristles to style hair or clean glue out of lace. Use our lace cleaner kit to loosen up glue and gently scrub glue balls out. Avoid over-processing and bleaching knots twice. Use your foundation make up to cover knots.